Welcome from our CEO

Welcome to Bridge Academy Trust, agreed by the DFE, with ‘Sponsor’ status in September 2017. Its core purpose has been agreed as:

  • High quality continuity of every child’s journey through education from 3-19
  • A community and school-led school improvement system within Chelmsford and Ongar

... achieved by an ethos and set of values of:

First and foremost each school within the trust is a place of learning, where young people (age 3 - 19): ENJOY, ENRICH, ACHIEVE

The Guiding Principles of Bridge Academy:

  • Equality/equity for all
  • Schools that are locally owned, locally managed
  • ‘No child left behind’
  • Community at the heart (where everyone is valued)
  • Excellence in each school
  • A school-led improvement system
  • Outward-facing

These are very exciting times and I am looking forward to working with the wonderful leaders within our schools, the fantastic children who attend them and the parents who support them.

Mr Mark Farmer
CEO, Bridge Academy Trust

Strategic Plan

Bridge Academy Trust is committed to ensuring that every person who attends a school within the trust has a high quality experience. This Strategic Plan sets out, for all to see, very clearly what our intentions are to be an outstanding trust.

Read the plan...