Welcome from our CEO

Welcome to Bridge Academy Trust, agreed by the DFE, with ‘Sponsor’ status in September 2017. Its core purpose has been agreed as:

  • High quality continuity of every child’s journey through education from 3-19
  • A community and school-led school improvement system within Chelmsford and Ongar

... achieved by an ethos and set of values of:

First and foremost each school within the trust is a place of learning, where young people (age 3 - 19): ENJOY, ENRICH, ACHIEVE

The Guiding Principles of Bridge Academy:

  • Equality/equity for all
  • Schools that are locally owned, locally managed
  • ‘No child left behind’
  • Community at the heart (where everyone is valued)
  • Excellence in each school
  • A school-led improvement system
  • Outward-facing

These are very exciting times and I am looking forward to working with the wonderful leaders within our schools, the fantastic children who attend them and the parents who support them.

Mr Mark Farmer
CEO, Bridge Academy Trust