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Bridge Academy Trust  now comprises of eight schools. There are four schools in Chelmsford and four in Ongar – 2 secondary and 6 primary phase schools.

Bridge Academy Trust is a Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) with two core purposes of:


  • High quality continuity of every child’s journey through education from 3-19

  • A community and school-led school improvement system

The core purpose is achieved through an agreed set of guiding principles, values, non-negotiables and ‘golden threads’.  First and foremost each school within the Trust is a place of learning, where young people (from 3 to 19):


  • ENJOY  coming to school and learning experiences available to them;

  • Are ENRICHED with a wealth of opportunities inside and outside of lessons and the curriculum, so that all talents are identified and nurtured;

  • ACHIEVE high standards:

    • academically, in terms of examination results;

    • personally, through their respect for others and their environment;

    • socially, through their contribution to the life of the school and wider community

Bridge Academy Trust wants schools to work with each other in localities for the benefit of the local children and communities.  


The Guiding Principles & Values of Bridge Academy Trust:

  • Community at the heart with enrichment for all

  • Excellence in each school

  • ‘No child left behind’

  • One Vision, locally shaped

  • Equality/equity for all

  • Outward-facing, as a Trust and for all schools within the trust

  • A school-led improvement system

  • All staff offered a role within the Trust as an alternative to a change in role


The Non-Negotiables:

  • Teaching & Learning at the heart of all we do, with children as the core focus

  • Each school to have and retain its own uniqueness

  • Clear and effective communication systems/mechanism: LGC to Trust; Trust to LGC etc

  • Enable leaders to lead and to drive the quality of provision in their schools

  • High accountability/transparency; support before failure

  • A culture of Enjoy, Enrich, Achieve as the ‘Golden Threads’ for school improvement

  • Promote cross-phase (and school) working

  • Adhere to the Guiding Principles for all key decisions

  • Work within the financial regulations (value for money)

Strategic Plan

Bridge Academy Trust is committed to ensuring that every person who attends a school within the Trust has a high quality experience. This Strategic Plan sets out, for all to see, very clearly what our intentions are to be an outstanding Trust.


Bridge Academy Trust is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales with company number 07663795.

Registered Office: c/o Moulsham High School, Brian Close, Chelmsford, CM2 9ES.